Bio Lake Clear, LLMO GC for Pond/Lake Algae Control

Algae problems occur whenever you have a combination of pond water, sun, N(nitrogen)
and P (phosphorous). Sun and N are the biggest problems, while P contributes to a lesser
degree in most ponds.
The live bacteria in Bio Lake Clear compete with the algae for N and P food. The
Bio Lake Clear bacteria eat N and P faster than the algae can. As a result, excess
algae is eliminated. It is very important to note that Bio Lake Clear and Bio Lake Ecosocks
does not eliminate all algae. Some algae problem solver are needed to help keep oxygen in the water. Bio Lake Clear
only eliminates the severe bloom. The best way to think about it is that Bio Lake Clear
restores the natural balance in a pond, which means a healthy mix of natural
bacteria and algae living together.
By using BLC, a pond is restored to its’ natural clarity and beauty (with a
proper balance between natural bacteria and algae).

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